Our Mission
Aloha United Way brings resources, organizations and people together to advance the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community.

Our Roots
Aloha United Way was originally established by Frank C. Atherton as the United Welfare Fund, under the Chamber of Commerce, in 1919 to create a more efficient way of distributing charitable giving. As Hawaii has changed and evolved over the last 100 years, so has our mission and work.

Our Evolution
In 2017 we commissioned ALICE®: A Study of Financial Hardship in Hawaii to identify those in our state who are struggling and understand the complex issues that impact them. In 2019 we formed the first ALICE grantee cohort to bring stakeholders together to affect change to the system whose dynamics continue to make it virtually impossible for ALICE families and individuals to become financially stable and upwardly mobile.

The Aloha United Way legacy has been built on our history of adapting to meet our community’s greatest needs. As we look to the next 100 years, we will continue to take the lead in creating an equitable environment where every family and individual is empowered, thriving, able to weather acute and chronic hardships, and is continually striving to better their community.

With the core understanding that sustainable change cannot be developed in isolation, we depend on supporters who share our vision of a better life for our community today and for generations to come.