Campaign Coordinator Resources

Welcome, changemakers! Mahalo for your willingness to support our community by representing your company and serving as an organizer of an AUW Workplace Giving Campaign. As an official Campaign Coordinator or Campaign Committee Member, you are responsible for planning and motivating your leadership and peers to fundraise towards your campaign's goals. 

This page contains many of the tools you’ll need to plan an engaging and successful campaign, stay organized, and enjoy the fundraising activities that will have a lasting impact on the individuals and families in our community.


Before You Begin

How To Start A Workplace Campaign

Before we dive in, please watch this short how-to video that illustrates the basics of what lies ahead. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of running a campaign or you would like to contact our Fundraising Team to start planning your own campaign, please refer to Start a Workplace Campaign

Startup Kit

If your company organized a campaign last year, you will receive a start-up kit in the mail that contains a poster, toolkit, pledge form examples, and information about AUW's giving and volunteer societies. If you have not received one or need additional copies for multiple business locations, please contact to request additional materials.

Campaign Kickoff

Mark your calendar for the Aloha United Way Campaign Kickoff on August 9th from 7-9 a.m. and join dozens of other companies and AUW's nonprofit partners in downtown Honolulu. This joy-filled event brings AUW nonprofit partners and workplace supporters together to generate excitement for the up-coming campaign. This year's event will be held in downtown Honolulu near the Bank of Hawaiʻi building. 

Coordinator Toolkit

This printable reference piece provides a general outline on how to plan a successful workplace giving campaign. The five-step plan includes helpful tips on planning your calendar, motivating your team, and generating excitement. The Coordinator Toolkit can be used by not only the Campaign Coordinator, but members of the Campaign Committee (if you have one).

Design Tools is a free and powerful design tool that is easy to use! We highly recommend creating unique and branded designs to help promote your campaign.

Start Planning

Paper vs. Digital Fundraising Tools

Early in the process, you should discuss your digital vs. paper options with your AUW Fundraising Liaison.

Digital: We supply two simple website platforms for managing electronic donations from either employees or customers. They are easy to use and are customizable to your brand's identity. We highly recommend utilizing these tools! Digital tools are even more secure, require less overhead, and provide real-time campaign management options. For more information about out digital giving tools, please feel free to contact Charmaine Viegas at

Paper: If your organization opts to use printed tools such as pledge forms and deposit sheets, you will use the fillable PDF forms below.

Deposit Sheets

Deposit sheets are utilized in paper campaigns to track received donations. There should be one person assigned to manage pledge forms, donations, and deposit sheets on your campaign team. You will want to use the Pledge Form Checklist and separate donations into five groups:

~ Cash
~ Checks
~ Credit Cards
~ Automatic Transfers or EFTs
~ Payroll Deductions & Bill Me

If you are a Campaign Coordinator with the State of Hawaii Department of Education or another State of Hawaii Department, City & County of Honolulu, or the University of Hawaii System, your pledge forms and deposit sheets are designed specifically for your use. Please download the correct version for your organization, fill it out completely, and sign it.

Pledge Forms

Pledge forms are paper donation forms used by donors in your organization. Pledge forms are divided by City & County, General, State, and Tocqueville Society.

Aloha United Way can process your designated gifts of cash, checks, automatic transfer or EFT, and payroll deductions, and donors also have the option to be billed later or select "bill me" pledges.

All forms below are in an electronic fillable format and may be completed by typing in the fields.

Choose Who & How You Want To Support

Aloha United Way partners with more than 300 local Oʻahu agencies, as well as our Neighbor Island United Ways and their partner agencies, and we offer donors the opportunity to designate gifts to up to five different agencies and/or programs.

Download: 2024 Partner Agency List

We manage your gifts in one place and instead of collecting multiple tax letters at the end of the year, AUW will issue you a comprehensive list containing all donations that you made through us.

We can assure you that 100% of your donation goes to the agency selected and we do NOT keep any portion of your donation. 

Campaign Planning Calendar

A successful workplace Giving Campaign starts with planning! Organize your goals, communicate with company department heads and leadership, coordinate commitments and challenges, and schedule dates for big moments like your campaign launch and fundraising events.

Organize: We have built a detailed planning list to help you be prepared, it is available with a free Canva account.

Execute: To help maximize your campaigns impact, we provide support, resources, and guidance to success with a Workplace Giving Social Media Toolkit.

Fundraising Ideas

As a Campaign Coordinator, your role is to motivate, remind, and thank your team for making a difference. No matter if your company works in-person, hybrid, or remote we have a lot of fundraising ideas including inspiration for leadership challenges and campaign rallies.


The AUW Volunteer Portal offers a wealth of volunteer opportunities with nonprofit agencies on Oʻahu. Consider planning a volunteer day or in-kind donation drive, based on what is available during your workplace giving campaign. Volunteering together can play a powerful role in team-building. If you are interested in exploring custom group volunteer experiences, please connect with the AUW Fundraising Team at Please include your organization name, approximate group size, and potential cause areas and/or activities that you are interested in or that are a good match for your corporate philanthropy goals and corporate social responsibility plan. 

Build Awareness

Get leadership and staff excited!

Take the opportunity to meet with leadership and schedule time to announce the campaign purpose and goal. Organize an in-person rally, breakfast meeting, or all-staff announcement about the campaign and be sure to communicate how the combined effort of everyone involved can help make a huge difference in the community. If you have already planned some campaign activities, announce those and generate excitement to inspire participation. Your leaders will play an important role in sharing goals and providing additional inspiration! Read about how the CEO of XYZ shaved his head after a successful Workplace campaign!

Take the opportunity to include campaign announcements in all-staff newsletters, on social media, create zoom backgrounds, use posters in staff areas, and communicate that community impact elevates your workplace culture. 

Affinity Groups

Aloha United Way affinity groups bring like-minded individuals together to make a difference within the community. Please share these website pages with staff who may be interested in joining these membership-based, volunteer organizations. We also encourage you to recognize and thank current AUW affinity group members for their contributions. If your organization is interested in hosting Board Members for a brief presentation on these groups so staff can learn more, please email


These videos have been created to share the why of donating to Aloha United Way. We recommend you share and to play these videos during organizational meetings or send a link out in an e-newsletter as a powerful example of how employee contributions make a difference for our community and why it is always more than a donation.

Print Downloads: Fliers and Posters

Below are several print materials available for download that communicate the mission and impact of AUW Initiatives. Place them in high-traffic areas like elevators, breakrooms, and hallways. 

Generate Excitement

Goal Thermometer

Understanding where you are in respect to the goal, whether the goal is dollar-based or participation-based, it’s important to share your status with your organization often. The Canva thermometer (Coming Soon) can be easily modified for use anywhere. 

Social Media Toolkit

Sharing your campaign highlights and commitment to the community with your online audience is an important part of running a successful campaign. Learn how you can download customizable social media graphics and sample captions (Coming Soon) for quick and easy posting.

Digital Downloads: Zoom and Microsoft Teams Background

If you are coordinating a campaign in a hybrid or remote work environment, use backgrounds on Zoom or Teams and encourage staff and leadership to use it during the campaign. We have two examples that you can use here or design your own using Aloha United Way logos, listed below.

Coming Soon: 2024 Campaign Zoom Background (Orange)
Coming Soon: 2024 Campaign Zoom Background (Blue)

AUW Logos

Below are graphic design elements for your marketing team to reference in creating print and digital promotional materials. If you have any questions about usage, please email our Director of Marketing, Aga Westfal-Conboy, at

Download: AUW Logo Guide
Download: Aloha United Way Full-Color ( JPG | PNG | EPS ) 
Download: Aloha United Way 211 logos ( JPG | PNG | EPS )

Get Support

We Have Your Back

The Aloha United Way fundraising team is here to help support you and your campaign every step of the way. If you have questions at any time, please connect with the AUW Fundraising Team at or call (808) 543-2208.

Emmaly Calibraro ~
Vice President of Resource Development & Donor Relations
Sarah Leatherby ~
Vice President of Resource Development & Donor Relations
Charmaine Viegas ~
Director of Digital Fundraising
Mel Colquitt ~
Manager, Campaign Operations
Grayce McCullough ~
Business Development Manager
Marilyn Nimsger ~
Business Development Manager
Mary Ellen Rubio ~
Administrative Assistant

Connect With Nonprofits

If you decide to direct your fundraising specifically towards any of our 300+ Nonprofit Partner Agencies, make sure to reach out to their communications departments and let them know! They might be able to provide additional resources and support to help you reach your goals.