Remembering Aloha United Way in your will or estate plans will provide critical, ongoing support to our poverty-fighting initiatives. Your legacy gift will help struggling Hawai‘i residents create brighter futures for themselves and their families for generations to come. What better legacy could you leave than that?

Ways to Plan Your Giving

Estate Planning
Consider including Aloha United Way in your will or living trust. From specific to percentage, residual to contingent, there are a number of ways your bequest can support United Way’s work long into the future. Speak with your attorney about including Aloha United Way in your will, or reach out to us for more information using the contact info below.

Retirement plan beneficiary
Your unused retirement funds (401k, IRA, etc.) may be taxed heavily when you pass away, potentially leaving just cents on the dollar for your family or other beneficiaries. Avoid this double taxation by designating Aloha United Way as the beneficiary of your retirement fund.

If you are 70 and a half or older, you are required to take annual minimum distributions from any IRA accounts you may have. By directing a portion of that minimum distribution DIRECTLY to charity, you can avoid being taxed on that part of your distribution. Because amounts gifted in this way also help to lessen the possibility that your Social Security benefits will be taxed.

To qualify for this type of preferential tax treatment, the gift must move directly from your IRA to the charity. Pay outs made to you and then donated by you to charity are ineligible. Maximum gifts made under this provision are $100,000 annually. Even if you do not itemize, this powerful option can reduce your taxes.

Life Insurance
Gifts of life insurance provide a convenient and affordable way for you to make a substantial future gift with a modest contribution while also reducing your income taxes. When you make Aloha United Way the owner and irrevocable beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you may enjoy tax benefits, including charitable income tax deductions for any premiums that you may pay in the future.

Charitable Remainder Trusts or Unitrust
A custom designed and individually managed trust enable you to retain a fixed or variable income while claiming a current income tax deduction.

Charitable Lead Trusts
A charitable lead trust pays income to our organization first, then returns the remaining assets to you, your family or other designations. The lead trust generates immediate tax savings for you.

Real Estate Property
You may contribute the property you own, retain the right to enjoy your property for your lifetime and receive a tax deduction in the year the gift is arranged. Property gifts require prior approval of Aloha United Way.

Gifts of Stock Securities
Appreciated publicly-traded securities offer a desirable way to make a contribution and avoid taxes. Gifts of closely held securities require the prior approval of Aloha United Way.

Charitable Gift Annuities
A significant gift of cash or appreciated securities provides you with favorable fixed annuity payments for life. Annuities are designed for individuals or couples, providing payouts for as long as either one survives.


For more information, please contact Ellen Kazama at (808) 543-2223 or email