We are Women United® We Ignite Change

Women United® is a global force of over 70,000 women leaders and growing. We are dedicated to creating a world full of opportunity — for everyone. Women United® focuses on education, poverty prevention and safety net, the building blocks for a better life for women who have been leading the way for their communities since time immemorial. Women United® operates with the shared belief in the importance of Aloha United Way and its mission to build stronger communities. We tackle the issues that matter the most to everyone who calls Hawai‘i home, and we empower one another to leverage our passions, ideas, expertise and resources to transform the very conditions in which people live. 
Join Women United
  • You’ll be part of a community of like-minded women who contribute their personal passions, best ideas, and unique strengths to the mission of building a stronger community
  • Volunteer within our community alongside others looking to create change
  • Network and collaborate with key business and community leaders at exclusive events
  • Learn more about critical issues impacting our community
  • Advocate for key community issues at the local and state level

To join Women United or inquire about a special project, email Charmaine at cviegas@auw.org today! 

To donate your minimum $1,000 financial gift to the Women United Fund, which invests contributions made through our signature events and generous personal donations, please click here!

Past Grant Award Recipients

IHS Holomua Na Wahine Program (2021)
Encourages IHS’ female staff to pursue post-secondary education, consider education as a part of ongoing career development planning, and see college as an attainable long-term outcome.
The Aloha Medical MissionThe Welcome Smile Program (2021)
Helps the most vulnerable women in our society, by providing free restorative and preventive dental care, helping to transform these women’s physical appearance in the hopes of regaining their self-confidence, promoting their well-being, and empowering them to find gainful employment.
Aloha United Way Covid-19 Rent & Utility Assistance Program - for female led households (2020)
Created to help Hawai‘i residents who are financially affected by the pandemic and who had fallen behind on their payments to electric, water, sewer and gas utilities.
Click below to view the photos from the 2022 Women United Chocolate, Champagne, & Couture, for a cause event.
2022 Women United Board Members

Executive Board

Dee Lim
BOD Chair
Enterprise Holdings
Hawaii Group Talent Manager
Lanae Santos
BOD Vice Chair
Guaranteed Rate
Vice President Loan Originator
Board of Directors
Michelle Stofle
Membership & Fundraising Chair
Strategic Partnerships
Unyong Nakata
Fundraising Co-Chair
Nakata Advisory, LLC
Principal Consultant


Haylee Faustin
Volunteer Chair

Angie Nakasone
BOD Secretary and Volunteer Co-Chair
ProService Hawaii
Director of Client Success
Laura Guinn-Hall
BOD Treasurer and Women United Fund Chair
Zurich North America
MCU Specialist
Kathleen Wagner
Membership Co-Chair
DTRIC Insurance
Senior Accountant
June Fernandez
Board Member
Alliance Personnel Inc.
Shawn Benton
Board Member
Cox, Wootton, Lerner, Griffin & Hansen LLP
Senior Counsel

Advisory Council

Katy Akimoto
Past Chair/Advisory Council
HMSA, Senior VP
Health Management Operations
Terri Fujii
Advisory Council
CW Associates
Managing Partner
AUW Contacts
Charmaine Viegas
WU Liaison
Aloha United Way
Director of Digital Fundraising
Emmaly Calibraro
Aloha United Way
Vice President of Resource Development