Mahalo for helping Change Tomorrow Today by running a workplace campaign for Aloha United Way. Maximize your impact by sharing your organization’s giving journey on social media. Highlighting your team’s commitment to creating change within the community will inspire others to join the movement, as well!
This social media toolkit contains sample posts that you can modify and use on your own channels, plus helpful tips on timing, tagging, and more. Generate excitement and engagement from the beginning of your campaign to the end by regularly sharing with your social media followers. Below are a few milestones we suggest highlighting.

Before you begin

We've provided free social media post templates available in multiple formats including: Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and general JPGs. We encourage you to include your organization's logo and imagery or photos from your library. Feel free to post the template layout as is or modify as you see fit. Each design is sized for Facebook & LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Questions? Email to connect with support.

1) Announce campaign kickoff

Stir up some buzz at the beginning of your campaign. If you’re hosting a kickoff event, share a few pictures of the action. If you have an official campaign theme, announce it with a teaser of themed activities that are in the works. Preview all the fun that is in store for your team, making sure to include snapshots of leadership, campaign committee members, and campaign coordinators getting involved.

  • Sample Caption: We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with @alohaunitedway to help #ChangeTomorrowToday. This month, our team will be raising donations that help support 350+ local nonprofits and AUW programs like the 211 Statewide Helpline and the ALICE Initiative. Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

Graphic templates: PSD & JPG | Canva (Instagram | Facebook & LinkedIn | Twitter)

2) Share your why

Communicate with your audience why your company and employees give back. Why is it important that your company invest in the community? Does your company have compelling reasons why they support a specific nonprofit or cause? Share why individual employees choose to participate and support a specific cause with their donations. Do staff have inspiring stories of giving or receiving support that you could highlight?
  • Sample Caption: Now more than ever, it’s critical that we stand together to #ChangeTomorrowToday. Our team is committed to investing in solutions that uplift our community. We work together to build a better future for the people of Hawai‛i because…
  • Sample Caption: YOUR COMPANY is committed to health & wellness for all in our community. For this reason, we look for opportunities to fuel programs that address health and wellness by utilizing Aloha United Way's extensive partner network...
Please consider sharing inspiring videos created by Aloha United Way on your own channels, including “Faces of ALICE” about Hawai‛i’s ALICE population, “A 211 Story” about the 211 Statewide Helpline, and the award-winning “Journey Home” short film. You can also pull a few facts and figures about AUW initiatives such as the ALICE Initative, Safety Net, and the 211 Statewide Helpline, to demonstrate the real impact of workplace giving.
Graphic templates: PSD & JPG  | Canva (Instagram | Facebook & LinkedIn | Twitter)

3) Highlight campaign activities

Show off all the fun, engaging fundraising ideas that your team’s enjoyed. Make sure to snap and share a few pictures at each event. Social media followers love seeing smiling faces!

  • Sample Caption: Raising donations for @alohaunitedway and the local nonprofit community for our Giving Campaign has brought our team together for several FUN-draising activities, like…

Photo courtesy of University of Hawai‛i Federal Credit Union

4) Provide progress updates

Cheer for your team’s hard work! You can provide updates with a running total of contributions raised at any point during your campaign. Fundraising thermometers are a classic device to visually display progress, and encourage support  as you pass each milestone. Note: Canva templates include a meter that automatically adjusts to the percentage entered. 
  • Sample Caption: Halfway through our Giving Campaign, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve raised [insert amount] for @alohaunitedway and the local nonprofit community! Our team truly has come together in such a special way to raise these donations…
  • Sample Caption: We are almost there! Only [insert amount] left to exceed our Workplace Giving goal! With only three days left, we know we can make it!

Graphic templates: PSD & JPG  | Canva (Instagram | Facebook & LinkedIn | Twitter)

Templates include bar graph at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 94% (almost there).

5) Spotlight coordinators

Give some kudos to the folks working behind the scenes to make the magic happen. Consider a fun Q&A with your coordinator(s) on the company blog. Ask them what they’ve learned through planning a workplace campaign. What is their personal motivation for giving back? What advice can they share to encourage fellow workplaces to run a campaign?
  • Sample Caption: Shoutout to [insert name], coordinator-in-chief of our 2022 Giving Campaign with @alohaunitedway. They have been working tirelessly to plan, organize, and lead fundraising activities, and is our #1 champion of the giving spirit…

Photo courtesy of ProService Hawaii

6) Celebrate success

Be proud of your team’s collective contributions. Did your team meet or exceed your fundraising goal? Were you able to achieve 100% participation? Shout your wins from the rooftops! Take pictures at your internal celebration or check presentation to Aloha United Way (if applicable).
  • Sample Caption: This month, our team hosted a Giving Campaign. Donations directly support @alohaunitedway and over 350+ nonprofit partners. The final donation dollars are in – drum roll, please! Our team raised an outstanding total of [insert dollar amount]. We’re so proud of their contributions and commitment to giving back to the community…

Graphic templates: PSD & JPG  | Canva (Instagram | Facebook & LinkedIn | Twitter)

Help grow our impact

Follow our channels
At Workplace Campaign events or meetings, tell participants to follow Aloha United Way social media accounts. Like and share our posts on social media so more people have the opportunity to learn about our community's needs and how we can all chip in to create a better tomorrow.. Sharing posts helps spread the word, increase the impact, and inform campaign participants about the impactful work their contributions are going toward.
Give us a shoutout
Tag us at @alohaunitedway when posting about your United Way campaign so we can help share all the good you’re doing. While we can't share all the amazing things every company does, we keep an eye out for great events, ideas, and other content that we can include in our posts. Make sure you share photos and videos with your AUW representative, too!
Sprinkle in some hashtags
Hashtags create great visibility for a campaign by connecting you with people who are already following the thread or also use them within their posts. We use hashtags on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
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