Fundraising Ideas

As a Campaign Coordinator, you are a changemaker and the driving force behind this endeavor. Your job is to motivate, remind, and thank your team for making a difference. We have ideas that should make things easier for you. 

You’ll find fundraising ideas for hybrid campaigns, in-person campaigns, leadership challenges, and rally ideas. 

Physically Distanced Activities

Online Games

~ Trivia Competitions
~ At-Home Scavenger Hunt
~ At-Home Gimme Gimme Game
~ Virtual BINGO using Video Conferencing
~ Earn Digital Badges for Participation Game

Online Contest & Challenges

~ Give $10, Tag 10 campaign on social media
~ Donate to Vote Fundraiser – Online Talent Show, Funniest Video, Most Creative Use of a Piece of Paper, Photo Contest, Karaoke, TikTok
~ Themed Photo Calendar Contest
~ Pets, Scenery, Recipes
~ Online “live raffle” using donate now pages.
~ Silent Action of items pictured on announcement.
~ Classes online - i.e. Basic Ukelele skills; Basic Art skills; $5 per class
~ Seasonal decorate your work area - gift card 1st place per department.
~ Co-Workers Baby Photo Contest
~ Virtual Party


~ Sell food tickets (Zippy’s, Chili, Pizza Chain, Breakfast Bento)
~ Sell recipe booklets with submissions from employees
~ Sell food kits (pizza, dessert, drink kits, and tie in with a local chef or staff member teaching how-to through video conferencing)
~ Partner with a local restaurant or retailer and have them donate a percentage of sales
~ Food sales with drive-thru pickup (bentos, plate lunch, baked goods)
~ Learning
~ Host classes where participants can donate to learn a skill, get a workout, or have fun (Zumba, Fitness, Cooking, Drawing)
~ Sell crafting kits (ornaments, knitting, stamping, origami, painting, etc.)

Other Ideas

Leadership Challenges

~ Pay to dare company leaders to take part in some sort of challenge like a cartwheel, costume contest, etc.
~ Sell tickets for a chance to use the office or parking stall of a leadership team member.
~ Ask your leaders to match money raised through specific activities.
~ Auction dinner with a member of your leadership team.


~ Dog Wash / Car Wash
~ Concert
~ Clothing Sale
~ Cooking Competition
~ Golf Tournament
~ Art Competition
~ Dress Down Day
~ Giftwrapping
~ Movie Night - partner with a theater and sell admission tickets.
~ Cut-a-thon - partner with a local hairstylist.
~ Cosmetics/makeup demos
~ Giving Tree - people give $1 to put a leaf with a message on the tree. 
~ White Elephant Sale/Auction
~ Themed Ethnic Days – with food that is appropriate (Valentines Day, St. Patty's Day, etc.)
~ Penny Jar
~ Day Off Auction: Highest bidder gets the day off.

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