Aloha United Way is addressing the needs of our community through collective impact.  We are doing this by supporting ALICE.®
A single mom with two kids who works part-time at a couple of stores in town. She finds it hard every month to pay rent, buy food, pay for the car, gas and insurance. Sometimes she can’t work because there’s no one to watch the kids. Do you know her?
He works part tme as a security guard. He lives with his grandma and takes care of her. She has dementia. They live on a fixed income. Sometimes he has to take her to the doctor and lose work hours. Do you know him?
He and his wife, they struggle, too. They have three kids. He and his wife both work. He’s a mechanic. She’s a waitress. Yet, even with both of them working, they barely get by and don’t have much savings. Do you know them?
They are all ALICE. Do you know ALICE?
ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. ALICE are the hardworking people we see every day—cashiers, retail salespeople, waiters and waitresses, janitors, housekeepers, teaching assistants, mechanics, restaurant cooks—who struggle every month to pay for basic expenses like rent, food and transportation. Sometimes all it takes is no income for a few weeks, a health emergency, a sick child or relative, a car repair or increase in rent to fall behind on a credit card, utility bill or rent.
37% of our community is ALICE. 11% live below the Federal Poverty Level. Almost half of the households in Hawaii are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling every month to pay bills and buy food.
Aloha United Way has fundraised for almost 100 years to address the greatest needs in our community. Through the past year, we have engaged in community dialogue with ALICE, community partners, local and state government and businesses to better understand the challenges of living, working and raising families in Hawaii. Many shared the challenges they face and the hope that they have for something better, which inspired us to think about how we can help ALICE find pathways to a better life.  Together we can provide hope for ALICE.