Kayla Keehu-Alexander Promoted to Vice President of Community Impact

Jul. 28, 2023

HONOLULU — Aloha United Way (AUW) is proud to announce the promotion of Kayla Keehu-Alexander, formerly the Safety Net Programs Manager, to the position of Vice President of Community Impact. This promotion reflects Kayla's exceptional dedication and contributions to the organization's mission of supporting the local community and creating lasting positive change. 

In her previous role as the Safety Net Programs Manager, Kayla oversaw government grants and Safety Net grants assisting individuals and families experiencing crises such as homelessness, food insecurity, and domestic violence. Her experience in this role has underscored the complexities of homelessness and shed light on the gaps within our system that could leave anyone, regardless of income or background, vulnerable.  

As the newly appointed Vice President of Community Impact, Kayla will lead efforts to identify service gaps and systemic deficiencies that hinder the well-being and success of the community. She envisions AUW to continue being a pillar of support for nonprofits and advocating on their behalf, ensuring they have the resources and recognition they need to make a profound impact.  

Kayla's extensive experience across key initiatives, including contract management with HUD, ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) initiative, Safety Net, and nonprofit partners, has given her a unique perspective on the intersectionality of social issues. Kayla believes that uplifting the ALICE population is “crucial for a better future”. She recognizes that a setback in one area can trigger a domino effect of hardships, making it increasingly difficult for individuals and families to stabilize their lives and meet basic needs.  

“We are incredibly excited to appoint Kayla as Vice President of Community Impact,” said Suzanne Skjold, AUW's Chief Operating Officer. “Kayla has been a rising star and contributed to the success of several key initiatives in her time at AUW. Her expertise, long-term vision, and collaborative style will guide AUW's Safety Net programs, ALICE Initiative, and our impact work with hundreds of non-profit partner agencies. Kayla is dedicated to helping all in Hawaii have access to a brighter and more prosperous future, and we could not be more excited for what she will be able to achieve in this new role.” 

Aloha United Ways's partnership with The Hawai'i Community Foundation (HCF) in addressing ALICE-related challenges is a testament to the organization's community-driven approach. With over 40% of Hawai'i's residents at risk of being derailed by a single financial setback, AUW and HCF recognize that this is not an isolated issue affecting only a few individuals, but a systemic problem that requires collective action. The ongoing collaboration with HCF and a cohort of 17 nonprofits underscores AUW's commitment to elevating ALICE households and ensuring a brighter future for all of Hawai'i. 

Join Us in Community Impact

Aloha United Way is excited to announce an open position for an ALICE Initiative Director. This role presents an excellent opportunity for an individual who is passionate about their community, forward-thinking, highly collaborative, and ready to grow a multi-sector effort to address the challenges. The ideal candidate will champion the cause of working families and play a pivotal role in advancing the ALICE initiative

About Aloha United Way  

Founded in 1919, Aloha United Way brings resources, organizations, and businesses together to advance the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community. AUW has evolved over the years and adapted to meet our community’s greatest needs focusing on amplifying non-profit agencies and their work, Hawaiʻi's 211 Statewide Resource Helpline, the ALICE Initiative, and the Safety Net Fund. A member of United Way Worldwide, AUW supports nonprofits and communities on Oahu.