Fundraising Pros: Workplace Giving is Easy When Helping People is What You Do

Oct. 26, 2022
AlohaCare partnered with Aloha United Way to support their workplace giving campaign in 2022. AlohaCare’s mission-driven culture aligns with AUW’s community impact. AlohaCare is Hawaii’s only community-led nonprofit health plan solely dedicated to serving residents who qualify for Medicaid or dually eligible Medicare (QUEST).
“Here at AlohaCare, we lead by example,” said Jacey Laborte, one of three volunteer campaign coordinators. “AlohaCare’s passion is to serve the people of Hawaiʻi in the true spirit of aloha by improving the health of Hawaiʻi’s communities, especially the underserved.” Annual AUW giving campaigns advance AlohaCare’s mission and corporate social responsibility goals.
AlohaCare raised more than $27,000 through teamwork, vision, and leadership. The company recognizes the value of time and effort to implement an annual giving campaign and staff were gratified to help friends and neighbors in need. AUW’s planning resources and support combined with AlohaCare’s enthusiastic employees brought life to the theme, “change tomorrow today”.
AUW’s unique campaign system successfully harnessed the power of AlohaCare’s 270 employees by providing opportunity and support to make a significant impact. AUW’s fundraising professionals worked with AlohaCare’s team to plan goals, activities, and utilize technology that made managing the campaign easier. AlohaCare staff Brandie Ota, Jacey Laborte, and Mabel Ho worked together to create a successful campaign. “Our leaders personally donated prizes and the company matched funds raised by staff,” Jacey shared. Corporate and leadership support was critical to engage employees and run a successful campaign.
Community investment is a pillar of AlohaCare’s business model. In 2021 alone, AlohaCare gave more than $800,000 in grants, scholarships, sponsorships and charitable donations to improve the health of Hawai`i’s most vulnerable and support nonprofit organizations that serve the Medicaid population.
From organizing volunteer activities to provide kūpuna fresh free produce with Farm Fresh Friday to regular participation as volunteers for building projects with Habitat for Humanity, AlohaCare inspires and empowers employees to give back. The company provided time, resources and opportunities that encouraged employees to get involved. Workplace giving campaigns provide opportunity, but AlohaCare as a company inspires and empowers their employees by taking meaningful action. 
Learn more about AlohaCare and start a workplace giving campaign. You can change tomorrow today.