211 provides resources for families on brink of homelessness

Aug. 16, 2016

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Since April the 211 call center has helped nearly 500 households statewide.

"We try to assess what's available to them that they haven't accessed yet. Things that can lower their expenses per month," said Jay King, Aloha United Way.

Benefits like food stamps: Statewide there are more than 100,000 people who are eligible for the program but aren't signed up. 94-percent of people who qualify for a free phone through the Federal Lifeline program don't have one. Another under utilized resource is a disability bus pass. The cost: $30/year. 211 can also point you in the right direction in terms of medical needs.

The  211 hotline has the ability to connect people with a wealth of information but for the program to work King says you have to be diligent and follow through with those referrals.

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