Stories of Hope

From getting people off the street and into homes, to keeping people in their homes and off the street, AUW is working together with the state of Hawaii and its non profit organizations to provide hope for our community and to help decrease...

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Family Programs Hawaii

On this day, Kaui Keola and her children enjoyed some quality time together in the offices at Family Programs Hawaii. The program provides services to support parents with foster children..


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Family Promise of Hawaii

A family is provided shelter and meals by volunteers at Wesley United Methodist Church, a shelter through FAMILY PROMISE OF HAWAII. They are one of four families that will stay at the church for a week whlie receiving these services. Donations to...

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Moiliili Community Center

Shizuko Kagimoto (left), 102 years old, and Thelma Watari (right), almost 100, are eager to play games and solve puzzles--and they are quite adept at it! Research shows that cognitive stimulation practivced on a regular basis are beneficial in...

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