Poverty Prevention

Aloha United Way is dedicated to preventing and reducing the number of Hawaii residents living at or below the poverty level. Poverty leads to many of our community’s most difficult problems. Families that are struggling to provide the basic necessities of life have greater incidences of domestic violence, substance abuse, and poor education results.

Aloha United Way believes that the ability to earn a self-sufficient wage is one of the key factors in a person’s ability to lead a stable, self-directed life. We fund numerous programs intended to increase a person’s workplace skills in targeted populations like immigrants, physically and mentally challenged individuals and people leaving incarceration.

The ultimate symptom of poverty is homelessness. Our recent economic problems have forced many in our community to make the terrible choice between feeding their family and providing a safe home. Assisting families before they become homeless is far easier so we operate several programs intended to keep a family housed – these efforts include rent, mortgage and utility assistance. For those already homeless, we focus our assistance on two groups – families with children and the elderly (a rapidly growing homeless population).