UPS, Walmart, IHS and AUW All Coming Together to Create a Movement

Oct. 13, 2017

Yesterday and today was a perfect example of people coming together to join our movement.


Yesterday IHS helped with 2 trips of pickups at United Airlines of 13 pallets of product that we will be packing on November 4.  We also needed support of hand trucks to help move the items from the flatbed truck and UPS came to the rescue and brought over 10 hand trucks for our usage yesterday along with a volunteer to help guide us through everything. We also had staff who helped unload the items and place in Building B.


Today we picked up 2,100 donated recycled bags from Walmart that we will be using to pack the United Airlines items that were delivered yesterday. All the Walmart stores on Oahu generously donated bags so that we could have enough for our packing day.


To date, we have hit our 30 volunteers and have reached out for a few more for that day.  To volunteer with us, please visit the link to sign up.