Statewide Homeless Initiative


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Households Served



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*Numbers reflect statistics to date from April 15, 2016 to March 22, 2017

Immediate Relief to Homeless

AUW has distributed over $2,090,233 to 18 service providers across the state who are now aiding homeless individuals and families and those on the brink of homelessness. The state funding helps keep individuals and families housed by providing them with financial assistance toward rent, as well as stabilization services such as mediation, credit counseling and case management. The funding also provides assistance to those who are homeless and ready to move into housing.

211 Center

AUW has increased the capacity of the 211 hotline to include a Homeless Coordination Center that is now serving as a central hub for resources for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless. Through this Center, AUW is able to identify opportunities to provide additional services to those in need, such as assistance with food stamps, bus passes and more. These additional services help to stabilize households and increase the likelihood that individuals and families remain housed.

The Funding at Work: Stories of Hope

From domestic violence and substance abuse to a studio apartment on O‘ahu
Emma had reached rock bottom after years of substance abuse and a nearly life-long domestic violence relationship, which left her with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The mother of seven spent the last two years homeless and had been searching for a solution when she was introduced to the 211 hotline. Within a few months, Emma was able to land a part-time job and is now working with Catholic Charities Hawai‘i on securing her first studio apartment on her own.

A family escapes eviction on Maui
Edwardnette and her husband had been working tirelessly for years to make ends meet for their family. Just months ago, they found themselves and their son homelessness after receiving an eviction letter from their landlord. Grappling to keep a roof over her family’s heads, living in tents without electricity or running water, Edwardnette contacted the 211 hotline and was quickly connected with Catholic Charities Maui. Thanks to the state funding and the help of Catholic Charities, Edwardnette was able to receive rental assistance and today, is on the path towards a sustainable, stable living situation for her entire family.

Finding help for a kupuna
Randall had been living on the streets of Kailua-Kona, surviving solely on a modest, fixed income supplied from public benefit resources. Knowing there were options for people in his situation but unsure of where to start, he reached out to the 211 hotline for guidance. In just a few short weeks, he received enough funds from Catholic Charities on Hawai‘i Island to cover his security deposit and first month’s rent. Randall is now a resident of Hualalai Elderly and has embraced the senior living community lifestyle.

Getting a second chance
Deborah was faced with one unforeseen and unfortunate obstacle after another. She was unable to work after getting injured on the job. While trying to recover from her injuries, Deborah learned she lost her home in a lawsuit. It all took its toll and eventually resulted in her becoming homeless. With the assistance of the Kalihi Palama Health Center, Deborah is getting connected with people who can help her rebuild her life and get a second chance.