Aloha United Way's 2019 Safety Net Strategy Summary

$1,005,000 to be awarded in this impact area
Safety Net funding is intended to provide basic human needs and support people experiencing crisis.  
The disaster/crisis category includes a broad range of assistance for individuals and families experiencing crisis with a goal of returning the household to stability. The category includes medical care, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, family violence services, and community disaster response provided as one-time or short-term assistance, but may also include ongoing counseling, case management, or care coordination.
The food category is for food pantries, food banks, food delivery services, and served meals programs.  
The rent/utility category is for rent (or mortgage) and utility financial assistance.  Agencies may pay rent, security deposit, mortgage, and utility expenses to landlords or providers on behalf of eligible clients.
The shelter category is to provide housing and related support services.  This includes emergency, transitional, and permanent housing.  
One-year Grants
Disaster/Crisis - $220,000
Funded Agencies:
Aloha Medical Mission, Emergen-Teeth - $50,000
Catholic Charities Hawaii, Intake, Information, and Referral - $30,000
Helping Hands Hawaii, Community Based Case Management Services for Low-Income or Homeless Adults with Mental Illness - $40,000
Institute for Human Services, Health Services Program - $25,000
Project Vision Hawaii, HiEHiE Mobile Hygiene - $25,000
Susannah Wesley Community Center, TVAP Hawaii - $25,000
Waikiki Community Center, Senior Case Coordination - $25,000
Food - $200,000
Funded Agencies:
Aloha Harvest, Feeding the Hungry - $30,000
Gregory House Programs, Save the FoodBasket - $20,000
Hawaii Foodbank, Grant-In-Aid - $10,000
Institute for Human Services, Inc., Homeless Meal Program as a Portal to Entry - $50,000
St Francis Healthcare Foundation, Our Lady of Kea’au - $15,000
Susannah Wesley Community Center, Food Pantry - $10,000
Waianae District Comprehensive Health, Hanai Ai O Wai’anae - $50,000
YMCA of Honolulu, Feeding Program - $15,000
Rent/Utility - $80,000
Funded Agencies:
Child & Family Service, Transitional Housing Program - $15,000
Domestic Violence Action Center, Emergency Rent and Utilities Payments for Survivor Families - $10,000
The Salvation Army Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division, Family Services Office (Homeless) - $35,000
Waimanalo Health Center, Rent-Mortgage Assistance Program - $20,000
Shelter - $205,000
Funded Agencies:
Child & Family Service, Domestic Abuse Emergency Shelters - $20,000
Hale Kipa Inc., Emergency Shelters - $40,000
Institute for Human Services, Inc, Ending Family Homelessness through Effective Case Management - $25,000
Parents and Children Together, Ohi’aDomestic Violence Shelters - $40,000
Waikiki Health, Next Step Shelter - $40,000
U.S. Vets, Shelter for Transitional and Emergency Housing Clients - $40,000
Two-year Grants - $300,000 (carryover)
Two-year grants are intended to support startup or pilot programs; programs/services with a higher degree of complexity; initiatives with a greater number of stakeholders or partners; initiatives that require substantial time planning; and new programs that are projected to be financially self-sustaining after the initial two years.  
Funded Agencies:
Family Promise of Hawaii, Supportive Services for Families Seeking Long-Term Housing - $50,000
Friends of Youth Outreach Hawaii Foundation dba RYSE, RYSE Outreach and Access Center Services - $50,000
Hawaiian Community Assets Inc., Hawaii Emergency Loan Program - $100,000
The Mediation Center of the Pacific, Inc., Early Access Landlord-Tenant Mediation - $50,000
YMCA of Honolulu, Kauhale Program - $50,000