Aloha United Way's nonprofit organizations are part of a team, working together to tackle our communities biggest problems through cross-sector collaboration and collective impact. We serve as leaders in our local nonprofit sector-offering support to our partners through capacity-building, fundraising assistance and mentorship. Together, we work to create lasting change in our communities that impact the lives of those around us in the areas of Education, Poverty Prevention and Safety Net.


Every two years, Aloha United Way surveys the community to understand what they think our community’s biggest problems are. Education, reliance on financial assistance (Poverty Prevention) and homelessness (Safety Net) continue to be identified as some of our most significant challenges.

As a result, Aloha United Way has committed to working with government, nonprofit organizations and other stakeholders to fund programs that address these issues.

1. Increase third grade reading proficiency to 76% by 2018, as indicated in the DOE annual trend report, measured by 4th grade standards-based testing.


2010  -2011: 67%

2011 - 2012: 72%

2012 - 2013: 73.1%

2. Increase on-time high school graduation to 85% by 2020, as reported by the Department of Education (DOE).


2010  -2011: 80.8%

2011 - 2012: 81.4%

2012 - 2013: 82.4%

3. Reduce the percent of individuals and families who depend upon government financial assistance to 25% by 2019, as reported by the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT).


2007: 32.3%

2009: 30.9%

2011: Information not yet available

4. End homelessness for all families by 2020, as reported by Partners in Care (PIC).

Current Status of # of households reported homeless

2013: 568

2014: 578

2015: 556