Kahiau ~ Giving to Hawaii's Communities

Dec. 17, 2021
Hawthorne Cat Partners with Aloha United Way to Provide Food in the Hawaiian Islands
WAIPAHU, Hawaii -- Hawthorne Cat is supporting more than 200 food banks and home-delivered meal service to seniors and individuals with disabilities this holiday season to help meet the sharp rise in hunger across our communities.
Hawthorne, through its partnership with Aloha United Way, is donating $50,000, with two of the beneficiaries being Hawaii Food Bank and Hawaii Meals on Wheels for Kupuna to meet the sharp rise in food insecurity.
Launching this fund with Aloha United Way is part of a continuing community benefit effort for Hawthorne Cat. “The holidays should be a time of joy, and the more families, the elderly, and those with disabilities we can help put food on the table, the stronger our communities will be,” said Bobby Whitworth, General Manager of the Pacific Region for Hawthorne Cat. “We chose to partner with Aloha United Way because we could easily direct resources to their partner agencies who are already serving communities with a statewide presence” Whitworth added. “The agencies already communicate well between islands, and they can funnel food, information, or funds where they will make the most impact,” Whitworth continued.
This is part of a bigger continuing initiative at Hawthorne that we are calling “Hawthorne Kahiau”. We named the company’s ongoing giving initiative Kahiau, because the meaning resonates with our mission, which is “we help our customers build better communities”. In Hawaiian, Kahiau means to give generously or lavishly with the heart, and without expectation of return. We hope our Kahiau initiative will inspire additional funding partners to join the effort and contribute alongside us.
Food banks have been doing a phenomenal work this year to meet the increase in need, and we’re proud to show our support. For information on how to give check out: https://www.hawthornecat.com/kahiau-giving-to-hawaiis-communities/
Show your support of Hawaii’s community by donating to Aloha United Way today. AUW works with over 350 partner agencies addressing the greatest needs facing our people. Give here: https://www.auw.org/community-care-fund or send a check to:
Aloha United Way
Attn: Emmaly Calibraro
200 N. Vineyard Blvd., Suite 700
Honolulu, HI 96817