What is Hawaii Cares? Hawaii Cares is made of many individuals who are committed to creating a stronger and healthier Hawaii, a better Hawaii. We’re out there to do our part, to give back, to strengthen communities and to help people. Members keep each other motivated and inspired, and make each other feel empowered to help others. Our goal is for people in communities to know and to remember that, “Hawaii Cares.”​

What makes us unique? We are a catalyst for change. People of all generations and walks of life are looking to make a connection – to make things better, to be part of something bigger. Through Hawaii Cares, we are igniting a social movement in Honolulu by empowering people to unite and solve complex problems that affect us all. Our goal is to make a BIG impact on our community with significant results.

What’s in it for you? Our hope is that you create deep relationships with members of this affinity group, make a significant impact in our community and become a leader in social change. Through unique networking events, hands-on volunteering opportunities and innovative leadership trainings, members are able to leverage the power of Hawaii Cares to connect, serve and grow, both personally and professionally.

What is the time commitment? As for time commitment, this organization is what each individual makes of it. The group is designed to ‘create-your-own experience,’ meaning you invest what time that you want and are able to. This includes signing up for multiple community service projects, attending networking events, collecting items for our quarterly drives, or participating in any combination of the activities that are hosted throughout the year. It’s truly up to you.

Who can I contact for more information? Maura Dolormente at 808-543-2201 or mdolormente@auw.org.

What is the website? www.auwhawaiicares.org/