We believe that all children in our community should be provided adequate tools, resources and support to succeed in school. Our goal is to ensure that students are prepared for kindergarten, meet reading proficiency guidelines, transition successfully into middle school, graduate from high school on time and successfully enter college or the workforce.


  • In Hawaii, 40% of the children entering kindergarten are so far behind their peers that success in their education is doubtful. In some cases, the reason for a child being behind is undetected hearing, vision or developmental problems. About 28% of all children have hearing, vision or emotional problems-which remain undetected unless each child has regular screenings to ensure they are progressing normally. To ensure that a child has the best start possible, we fund several programs intended to prepare a child for kindergarten.
  • A high school diploma is needed to enter today's workforce. We fund programs targeted at particularly high risk youth which are intended to encourage them to stay in high school and graduate. Currently, Hawaii's high school graduation rate is 82%.


  • Increase percent of children who receive early childhood developmental screenings and follow-up services
  • Provide support to students in kindergarten through third grade who have difficulty with reading
  • Organize a system of support for struggling middle and high school students