AUW Nonprofit Partner Agency Booklet & List

The Nonprofit Partner Agency List and Nonprofit Partner Agency Booklet are your guides to making donation decisions. Every year, Aloha United Way partners with more than 300 nonprofit partner agencies who provide important programs, services, and resources that change in our community. You can choose to donate to an individual organization, a single AUW Impact Area, or a combination of agencies and impact areas. 

Trusted Partner Agency

~ Every Aloha United Way Partner Agency has been reviewed and vetted.
~ Depending on where you would like to make an impact, our Partners work in everything from environment and education to health and housing.
~ Partners are reviewed annually not only by AUW staff, but by review committees to ensure that your investment is impactful and safe.

Oʻahu and Neighbor Islands

~ We coordinate with Kauaʻi United WayHawaiʻi Island United Way, and Maui United Way making it easy to help support our Neighbor Islands.
~ Neighbor Island Partner Agencies are organized by island, follow the listings to designate your donation or gift accordingly.
~ When you support the 211 Statewide Resource Helpline, you are supporting access to 211 across the state.

AUW Impact Areas

~ The AUW ALICE Fund is used to fuel work on the ALICE Initiative and provide support for the 17 nonprofits that comprise the ALICE Cohort.
~ AUW 211 Statewide Resource Helpline connects people across the state with resources, information, and referrals.
~ AUW Safety Net Funds provide funding for programs that support emergency food, housing, and other critical and immediate needs.
~ AUW Community Care Fund allows you to direct your funds where needs are the greatest and give AUW the discretion to apply funds as needs arise.
~ Women United and the Women United Grant give women and women-led families greater stability by investing in health, education, and programs that support financial stability.
~ Society of Young Leaders give educational opportunities to those students and families who need additional support.

Making a Designation

Both the Nonprofit Partner Agency List and Nonprofit Partner Agency Booklet provide you with the information needed to make a decision about how to apply your gift. If you would like to fund changes in a specific sector, or split your donations among a handful of nonprofit agencies, these publications can help.

Aloha United Way does not collect any administrative fees and we make managing your gift easy. Every organization has a unique designation number and you can select up to five organizations and/or impact areas when making your contribution. The EIN Number is also listed for your security and convenience.

AUW will mail you a tax determination letter at the end of the year for your records and this letter will include all organizations included in your designation. 

An Important Resource

These annual publications are provided to more than 1,000 workplaces and gives you the opportunity to learn more about the vast and incredible network of agencies making a difference in lives every day. Beginning each May, a new booklet and list will be available to donors and published in multiple locations.

Learn more about your community, needs, and if you would like to put a customized giving plan together our fundraising team is happy to help. Email us at