ALICE Community Strategic Planning

Aloha United Way has engaged with ʻAʻaliʻi Alliance and Frontier Design to begin facilitating initiatives that generate positive change for ALICE households. Our goal is to engage community stakeholders around ideas, collaboration, programs and partnerships to impact systemic change through a Collective Impact framework. 
We invite you to join us to learn more and to get involved in creating healthier, better-functioning systems for the improved well-being of people in Hawaiʻi. We are focusing on opportunities to improve ALICE Impact Areas, including: 
• Safe & Affordable Housing
• Access to Quality Healthcare
• Food Security
• Financial Stability
• Quality Childcare & Educational Opportunities
• Digital Equity & Access to Technology
We will be hosting Community Strategic Planning sessions in preparation of the next phase of the ALICE Initiative and invite interested participants to register:
Session 1: ALICE Community Strategic Planning Meeting # 1, October 19: Session Ended
Understanding the Collective Impact Framework and our Roles for Impacting ALICE
Session 2: ALICE Community Strategic Planning Meeting # 2, October 26: Session Ended
Identifying Key Stakeholders and Barriers to Advancing Systemic Change in Hawai’i
Session 3: ALICE Community Strategic Planning Meeting # 3, November 18: Session Ended
Developing Shared Goals and Asset Maps to Improve ALICE Systems
Session 4: ALICE Community Strategic Planning Meeting # 4, December 7: Click Here to Register
Creating Impact-Based Strategies and Performance Measures for Evaluating Success