Stand up for what you believe in.

Through advocacy, Aloha United Way is working to raise awareness of the issues related to our mission, provide access to tools for making change, and offer opportunities to take action.  We believe that real, sustainable community improvement requires changes in public policy.

Aloha United Way’s 2015 Public Policy Agenda

The following policy positions were approved by the Board of Directors of Aloha United Way based on inputs from the Impact Councils and the inputs of issue area-specific advocacy organizations.  

Definitions of the levels of Involvement:

• Active Leadership – Aloha United Way Volunteers and staff actively lead the public policy initiative.

• Supportive Leadership – Aloha United Way Volunteers and staff will help educate the community on the issue and provide supportive testimony and media input.

• Visible Involvement – Aloha United Way staff will lend the Aloha United Way name and reputation through supportive testimony and media on the issue but will take no active leadership role.

We will support for the following specific issues for 2015: